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Artificial disc replacement surgery consists of removing a painful disc and replacing it with a artificial disc prosthesis that has similar biomechanical properties to a normal disc. Most artificial disc prostheses are made of metal and/or polymer. In general, the artificial disc replacement surgery is performed through a minimally invasive approach to the spine and patients recovery very quickly. However, it is important to note that artificial disc replacement surgery is still a major spinal reconstructive surgery and that results from FDA studies have been shown to be similar to fusion.

Surgeries Performed


Cervical Disc Replacement


Mobi C. Patient Information

ProDisc C.Patient Information

Baguera C. Patient Information*

* The Baguera cervical disc replacement is an investigational device that is undergoing a multi-center, randomized, control trial for single and dual level application.   If you are interested in this device please contact our study coordinator, Kelsey Gretzinger, PAC. 


Lumbar Disc Replacement.


ProDisc L. Patient Information