When I first met with Dr. Tatsumi in January 2012, I had been experiencing severe low back pain for approximately ten months. The pain had become so bad that I could do nothing but lie down flat. I had tried everything including physical therapy, cortisone injections, acupuncture, back braces, pain killers... nothing helped and I became extremely depressed. In February 2012, Dr. Tatsumi performed Minimally Invasive Surgery and Spine Fusion to remove the herniated disc between my L5/S1 Joint. Within six weeks of my surgery, I was able to walk up to two miles per day and had very little pain. Six months after surgery, I was back doing high impact aerobics, playing soccer with my dog, and pretty much any physical activity I desired... All without any pain! What a world of difference from where I was one year ago. My family and friends now call me a Bionic Woman! I feel extremely grateful to have been referred to Dr. Tatsumi, and also feel proud to be able to refer to him as "My Spine Surgeon".