Dr Tatsumi did my replacement disc surgery four months ago on disc C3-4. I am a 60 year old woman. I had a neck injury when I was 15 and have had neck pain, headaches with the pain increasing and then pain and numbness down my arm in recent years. The surgery was done as an outpatient, I went home about 4 hours after surgery. The first week or so I used the pain medications prescribed, and slept in a reclining chair. The pain from surgery was never any worse than some of my worst symptoms I had suffered over the years. After the first week I rarely needed the pain medications at all. Symptoms during recovery included a feeling that my head was "loose," some pain (as stated), very tired for 3-4 weeks. At about 2-1/2 months post surgery I was able to return to my yoga class and began physical therapy. At four months out I have more movement than I have had since my original injury 45 years ago! I still have some stiffness sometimes first thing in the morning, but that seems to be improving as well, and is usually gone after a few stretches.