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Just want to say how much I appreciate you as my Dr. How well you take care of, listen to me as your patient and handle anything that comes up. You take no chances with my health. As a patient, your patience has made me feel very secure and that I could tackle both my surgeries.

Nicole B.

Dr Robert Tatsumi is a brilliant surgeon and a great human being. I was in constant pain until I agreed to have Dr. Tatsumi operate on me, some 60 years since my last operation. He immediately put me at ease, explained in detail what was wrong and what had to be done. After the operation I felt wonderful and no pain. It's difficult to see where the operation was because there are no scars. I haven't felt this good in years. Do yourself a favor, if you're in pain, and afraid of operations, contact Dr. Tatsumi for an appointment. You will not be disappointed. He's the best.

Marie M.

Dr Tatsumi is an amazing doctor, he answered any questions I had about my back issues and later the surgery. He explains every step so nothing comes as a surprise later on. I was so nerves about my surgery since it was the first time I was ever knocked out but Dr Tatsumi did an outstanding job and I feel great. I wish I would of found him a long time ago.

Mike B.

From my first visit all the way through my surgery, Dr. Tatsumi instilled confidence, accuracy and was very personable. Since my surgery I have responded to Physical Therapy and am doing great. The whole procedure was a success. I would highly recommend Dr. Tatsumi and if I ever need his expertise again, I would not hesitate to put my life in his hands.

Maria P.